Dreams Are Forever

Walt Disney said "Dreams are forever". Consider: A child has a dream. Let's pretend it's a dream of going to Disneyland. The day you finally get to go there, well that day stays in your memory "forever". And if you dreamed, as a child, to go to Disneyland and you never got to go, I think there's a tiny tinge of sadness and disappointment about that which lasts "forever". This kit will help you scrap memories of trips to Disneyland and all things mouse. Or, you can scrap your memories of watching The Mouseketeers in black and white re-broadcast on TV. Or, you can use it to scrap a lot of other memories as well.

In this kit, you will find 7 solid papers, textured to resemble a kraft surface. There are 16 patterned papers. You will find dots and more dots, stripes, chevron, burst, diamonds, hearts and more. Elements include:
1 autograph book, 4 balloons, 1 banner, 7 brads which can be used as floral centers, 5 buttons in 5 styles, threads in 4 colors, 1 camera, 4 curly ribbons, paint splatters in 7 colors and styles, 6 dotted ribbons, a spikey floral element in 4 finishes, 7 folded stars, 1 ribbon bit with star embellishment, 1 mouse "hand", 3 frames, 1 negative strip, 1 piece of greenery, 1 monorail, 2 mouseheads (one stitched, the other puffy with a bow (dotted ribbon of course), 6 puffy hearts, 7 pieces of ric rak, 12 satin bows (both solid and dotted), 1 cluster of shiny arrows, 1 silhouetted castle, 5 round stitched elements, 1 stitched grid, 1 striped border, 8 word arts in various formats, 13 5-petal flowers featuring both dots and solids, 4 solid 12-petal flowers, doodled leaves in 4 different finishes, 5 layered flowers and 7 rolled ribbon flowers. You'll also find 4 4x4 blocks of glitter to embellish your pages. You'll also find 3 dotted alphas in red, black, and yellow--dotted, of course. Each alpha contains 26 upper and 26 lower case letters as well as 10 numerals and 10 common punctuation marks and symbols. Alphas have been "stickerized". Alphas are presented full page.