Precious Baby Boy

Baby boys. Is there any thing sweeter? Probably not. I admit I used to be afraid of the very concept of boys, but the addition of two fabulous grandsons to my life cured me of that. If you have some photos of beautiful baby boys who are near and dear to your heart, consider this fabulous kit to dress those photos up.

This kit contains 8 solids, textured with a quilted pattern. There are 16 patterned papers. You'll find a variety of patterns including chevron, circles, diamonds, stripes, plaid, hearts, stars, florals, and a few theme-specific papers such as stuffed elephants, diaper pins (how vintage, LOL!), and peas in a pod. There is also a pack of extra papers (8 gingham checks, 8 grid designs) which I've added to the kit at no charge. For elements, choose from the following: 1 ball, 4 baby bibs, 2 pacifiers, blocks, a diaper pin border, a bottle, 8 little floral buttons, 1 cloud, 1 elephant applique, 1 length of eyelet lace, 5 flairs, 9 lengths of ribbon, 9 floral centers/brads, 3 frames, 1 stuffed giraffe, 5 individual keys, keys on a ring, 3 onesies, 1 pea in a pod applique, 2 styles of rattles, 1 pair of baby tennis shoes, 1 sleepy time moon, 1 row of stitching, 1 each stuffed elephant, rhino, hippo, and bear, 4 word arts, threads for the buttons, 8 striped bows, 2 styles of doodled leaves, 1 realistic leafy greenery, 4 layered flowers, 9 lengths of ric rak, 9 ric rak flowers, and 8 tissue paper flowers. You'll also find 5 alphas--blue, lavender, green, yellow and turquoise. Each alpha contains 26 upper and 26 lower case letters, 10 numerals, and 15 punctuation marks/symbols. The alphas give the appearance of fuzzy stickers. Alphas are presented on full sheets.