Collaged 2

Tell the whole story of an event, day, holiday, vacation, outing with this easy to use template. Perfect for printed photo books.
Ideel for Christmas, birthdays, Easter - times when we all get snap happy!

~ Each element of the template is on in its OWN layer
~ Each shadow on in its OWN layer
~ each photo on a mat, spaces for journaling.
~ Holds THIRTEEN (13)photos or use some spaces for more journaling or pretty papers.
~ Plenty of space for creativity.
~ Finishing touch suggestions included but are what they say, suggestions NOT elements!

This template will blend seamlessly with my SpeedScrap range which is designed to mix & match helping you to create an album you will love in double quick time!

NOTE: For your ease of use, THREE alternate file types are included:
~ a layered .psd (Photoshop) file
~ a layered .tiff file (see note below)
~ separate .png files

Layered .tif files will open in PHOTOSHOP as layered files (other programs probably will not, use the .png or .psd files), exactly as a .psd file will. Advantages are that unzipped it will be considerably smaller than the .psd files, thumbnails will show in Windows explorer - I have yet to find any disadvantage! Be sure to see the file Saving layered tiff files when you save using a layout.

*PNG Files are transparent files and are compatible with many software programs. Software Requirements: This QuickClick Template System is only compatible with programs that support a magic wand tool. Software programs that can currently use these templates include - Photoshop 6 or higher, Photoshop Elements 2 or higher, Paint Shop Pro 7 or higher, Photo Impact recent versions, Digital Image Pro recent versions, Picture It version 7 or higher, and some Corel Paint programs recent versions. Not currently supported - Hewlett Packard Creative Scrapbook Assistant, FotoFusion by Lumapix, or Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer Program.