Tell The Story Template 01

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I have been putting off making printed albums of the boxs and albums of family history photos we have inherited from our families. The size of the task kept putting me off until I decided that the only way I would get it done would be to keep it simple. This series will make it possible to quickly and easily create your own album.
In addition - I have made this photobook friendly - no problems creating a "bleed adrea" for printing. Notes are included!

~ All fastners, photocorners, lace templates included.
~ Frames are "aged" as shown.
~ No frames are cut - a photo mat with a photo placement layer makes it easy to use photos of varying sizes.
~ Each page has a simple band/ribbon to the size, on these I varied the pattern or paper and added a flower groupie, varying each in colour or type to give the "mood" of each page - simple and easy!
~ Each element, including shadows, of the template is on in its OWN layer
~ Holds SIX photos.
~ Versatile, easy to use and perfect for any sort of photo collection!

NOTE: For your ease of use, THREE alternate file types are included:
~ a layered .psd (Photoshop) file
~ a layered .tiff file (see note below)
~ separate .png files

Layered .tif files will open in PHOTOSHOP as layered files (other programs probably will not, use the .png or .psd files), exactly as a .psd file will. Advantages are that unzipped it will be considerably smaller than the .psd files, thumbnails will show in Windows explorer - I have yet to find any disadvantage! Be sure to see the file Saving layered tiff files when you save using a layout.

*PNG Files are transparent files and are compatible with many software programs.

This product is Personal Use, Scrap For Hire (Others) friendly.