Torn & Tattered Template 06

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This template hold 8 photos, although some obsured, in stamp and solid multi frame strips. This design which creates a wonderfully stacked & layered effect on a unique torn paper background.

There is plenty of "white space" in this design, great to be creative, showcase lovely paper or on which to use a large photo as I did on the sample page. NOTE: This design is also available as a two page spread - Torn & Tattered Double 05 & 06

~ Each element of the template is on in its OWN layer
~ Each photo shadow on in its OWN layer
~ Lots of great extras - eg fastners, string, stithing.
~ Holds EIGHT photos, some obscured, in stamp and solid multi-frames.
~ Finishing touch suggestions included

Click here to see ANCIENT CITY - the kit used in the sample page

NOTE: For your ease of use, THREE alternate file types are included:
~ a layered .psd (Photoshop) file
~ a layered .tiff file (see note below)
~ separate .png files

Layered .tif files will open in PHOTOSHOP as layered files (other programs probably will not, use the .png or .psd files), exactly as a .psd file will. Advantages are that unzipped it will be considerably smaller than the .psd files, thumbnails will show in Windows explorer - I have yet to find any disadvantage! Be sure to see the file Saving layered tiff files when you save using a layout.

*PNG Files are transparent files and are compatible with many software programs.

This product is Personal Use, Scrap For Hire (Others) friendly.